Because investing in gender equity and violence prevention is good for business.

What is Parker P?

Parker P. is a for-profit consultation arm of White Ribbon, collaborating with international non-government organizations, post secondary institutions and private sector companies to promote gender equality.

Drawing on more than two decades of White Ribbon expertise, Parker P. crafts and implements tailor-made strategies for each client’s business environment.


Who Is Parker P?

Sometimes, the experience of men working with other men on gender equality and violence prevention can feel a bit lonely.  There is no roadmap and only a few trailblazers to follow.

As we started to think about this business we looked through history for examples of men who had been advocates for women’s rights.

Let us introduce you to Parker Pillsbury.

Born in Massachusetts in 1809, Parker became a prominent anti-slavery and male feminist across turbulent 19th century America.  He was an ardent proponent of women’s right to vote, to participate fully in life, the economy and social movements; to have equal footing with men.

His idea of masculinity was also incredibly nuanced for the times.  He believed that men’s strength was more tied to their moral convictions and the treatment of others than physical feats and endurance.  Parker refused to “retire” advocating for women’s right up until his death at age 89, as the job was still not complete.

Parker P. Consulting is an homage to the man, his life and convictions.  A reminder that men can and should be part of the struggle for gender equality, that we can be part of getting the job done.

Why We Exist

Parker P. illuminates the significance of gender equality and of gender-based violence for organizations.  We work to turn these challenges into opportunities.

From corporations to communities, we all thrive when we achieve gender equality.  Helping organizations get men and women working together towards this goal is our passion and expertise.

How We Work

Parker P. helps leadership unearth the business value of promoting gender equality in the workplace.

Through exhaustive research into organizational culture and processes, Parker P. recommends, develops and implements long-term strategies to leverage the opportunities provided by gender equality initiatives.


Projects + Clients

Parker P. works with non-government organizations, post secondary institutions as well as multi-national private sector clients.

We welcome our role as a resource for any group dedicated to the prevention of gender-based violence.


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