Barrick Case Study

We approached Barrick Gold in 2012 to help develop strategies that would reduce incidents of gender-based violence taking place in some of their mining communities around the world.

In Nevada, Papua New Guinea, U.S. and Zambia, we engaged in an extensive needs assessment process speaking to employees and their spouses, senior management, human resources, community relations as well as government and community members not directly connected to the company.

Based on our findings, we tailored a unique violence prevention strategy for each community.

In Papua New Guinea we focussed on sexual harassment training, in Nevada, a community development process with Indigenous communities, and in Zambia – financial literacy!

The unique Zambia solution was based on an insight that most domestic violence could be traced to financial troubles in the family.  

So we developed the world’s first family financial literacy and violence prevention project.

Parker P. Consulting CEO, Todd Minerson speaks with CBC The World This Weekend about strategies to end violence against women.

First, financial literacy experts were enlisted and a violence prevention curriculum developed to train up to 200 employees and their spouses.

Incidents of violence went down significantly.  The training is now mandatory with up to 1,200 families participating.

In Nevada we built community relations that had extended benefits; improving employee’s morale, increasing productivity, and boosting community relations.   

We helped Nevada’s Western Shoshone bands begin to address the issue of gender-based violence in a meaningful, culturally relevant way.

The business benefits of making these changes were obvious.  Communities showed tremendous support and loyalty when they were confidence of Barrick’s commitment to help on difficult issues.  It was a win for the company, a win for the community, and a win against the issue of gender-based violence.

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