UR Gendered Violence Prevention Program

The UR Safe Gendered Violence Prevention Program is an initiative with the University of Regina’s Man Up Against Violence project. Launched in 2014, Man Up Against Violence brings awareness and understanding of gender violence to the University of Regina community. With male athletes and other campus leaders speaking out against gender violence and U of R students learning about the issue from leaders in gender-prevention work, the Man Up Against Violence program is challenging everyone across the campus to play a role in confronting this issue.

Our work with the University of Regina has been to undertake a comprehensive needs assessment, including a series of focus groups, a campus-wide climate survey, interviews with members across the campus community to help the university get a clear understanding of the realities of gender violence and what Man Up Against Violence could do to strengthen its work on the campus. We also hosted an action planning session with the committee to help them set out how to move forward over the next few year. Based on all of this information, we’re now working with Roz Kelsey and Pat Patton, two of the main forces behind this program, to create some new educational learning and engagement tools.

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